17 mantras of simple living

as a free spirit living a simple life, i vow myself to the universe in:

// living my life with clear intentions, in a mindful and kind way.

// loving unconditionally, and respecting others as they are. may that be another being, nature or the universe.

// letting go what no longer serves me, or doesn’t have any purpose in my life.

// slowing down, so i can pay attention to my body, my feelings and my soul. to follow my intuition, and give space to my inner-voice to speak up.

// deepening the relationships i have with all the parts of this universe. using tools like meditation, journaling, and yoga to reach my inner layers. so i can discover who i am, and shed a new light to the world.

// being kind in every action. to give back and forward in any way i can, without expectations or second thoughts. and in so doing, leaving everything around and within me in a better shape than i encountered.

// being vulnerable and honest, even if it’s difficult and unpleasant. so the connections i make are true and powerful and capable of change.

// paying attention to the magic of the world. and notice its fleeting beautiful moments. and treasure them in my heart, to when i need some inspiration, some support, or some positivity.

// taking care of myself, as i would of my kid. to forgive myself for the mistakes i do, to understand i am not perfect and to know i always am the best i can.

// forgiving myself and others for being imperfect and not knowing or not being capable of acting on a kinder way. so i can heal myself and live in a more meaningful way.

// taking lessons everywhere and embed them in my life. not to be smarter or better, but to serve this world as it deserves.

// following my values as much as i question them. so i’m not trapped in my own mind, in my own box and can find alternatives and new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing  and of living.

// living in the moment. it’s all i have.

// being one with nature. return to my roots and absorb the wisdom lying on the ground, flying through the airs, travelling by the waters, and burning passionately with the fires.

// playing like a child. and not taking anything seriously. to look at my roundabouts with awe and first-time sight. to touch everything, and open it up. to deconstruct and reconstruct. to build and destroy over and over. to die and reborn in million ways, so i can better understand what this is all about. to fall and stand up. to never really quit. to dream and never think of the impossible.

// making stuff with my own hands. even if it’s dirty. or if it seems too difficult. to trust my creativity and ability to make something new out of something old.

// taking responsibility for my every action. as everything i do will have an effect on others, either i’m aware of that or not.

// making the best i can with what i have. no resource is limitless. every grain of soil, drop of water, spark of fire, gasp of air, inch of space, and millisecond of time is incredibly priceless and i must treat it as such.

// thanking every second i am alive, and every experience i am allowed to get, and every person i meet, and every stuff i have the luck to put my hands on. and realize that i am all i can ever have. i am all i can ever be.

simple living manifesto

what is simple living to you?

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

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p. s. did you know that my best creative time is past midnight? it’s 2 a.m. already!


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