there’s a simple way to keep moving. want to know how?

one simple question can shift your entire day.

it keeps you safe from enoooormous to-do lists. it avoids feelings of emptiness or overwhelm. it makes you feel fulfilled.

it gives intention to your life.

i heard about this little question on an email newsletter, about simple living. you can read it here.

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if you’re like me, you spend half of your time thinking about what you should be doing. and indulging yourself in meaningless activities while you’re trying to figure it out.

you take a look at your to-do list, nothing seems attractive or motivating or inspiring. (i’ll talk more about that in a future post). so the best option available is procrastination.

well, not if you ask:

what can i do right now?

this question puts things into perspective. you are obliged to look around you, to look at your goals and figure out how to make things better.

it doesn’t matter if it is to clean the dust, or to organize your desktop, or to put a smile on your face. if it’s what you can do at this moment, it is enough.

and that’s when the magic happens. you stop worrying about your future, or trying to control outcomes, or losing yourself in thoughts of how-it-could-or-should-be. neither do you hold onto regrets, or fantasized memories, or feelings of guilt.

what-can-i-do-right-now puts yourself right where you are, when you are, as you are. no hypothesis, no judgments. just an intentional act.

this is the best leverage, the most inspiring and motivational tool i have to keep moving. to keep doing what i love.

because it builds momentum.

once you start, it’s difficult to stop. hard even. you won’t want to.

it was this question that made this article possible. instead of watching episode after episode of grey’s anatomy (just recently started watching, yeah i know. more on that on facebook. (: ). thank you, joão, for that.

what can you do right now? tell me in the comments how inspired you feel.


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there are more to simple life than 3 r’s

white horse eating grass

when we live simply we are deeply connected with nature. that means we take care of it the best we can, and we learn everyday to make the best even better.

we are used to three r’s, in order to go green. but there’s a lot more to do than reducing, reusing and recycling. we can Continue reading “there are more to simple life than 3 r’s”

the unwise side of minimalism

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It is not a financial solve-all, especially for the incredible number of people who are working full-time and still living in debt and poverty because they can’t afford necessities. It is ignorant to assume that all of these people are spending frivolously. It is hard to save when rent and heat and healthcare and food costs go up and your income does not.

~simply fully

minimalism is here for some years now. it became a trend. and, as every trend, it has its lovers and its haters.

i started as a lover. “less is more” i claimed with all my lungs.

but the beauty of hearing the other side is: you ask different questions. Continue reading “the unwise side of minimalism”