when we think about love, we think about feelings. the warmth in our hearts, the butterflies in our bellies, the chill on our skins.

when we think about unconditional love, we think about god. or a mother and her child. something infinite and transcendent and pure.

as imperfect beings we find it hard to love in such an absolute way. it seems impossible. but unconditional love isn’t perfect, un-flawed love.

and although it can come from compassion, it isn’t a feeling. it is a choice we make every day, and every second of our lives to see ourselves and everything around us as we are. naked and raw and all.

it is a choice of letting go of expectations, and judgement. it’s the magical power of our actions towards kindness and a more open world, where limitations are surpassed, blurred and vanished.

here and now, we’re making the decision to be what we truly are: sons and daughters of love. little stars in the big constellation of this creative energy. particles of the big bang that is still beginning to take consciousness, that is still borning, and awakening to the universe of themselves.

we are the universe we’re creating. we’re both creators and creation. we are unconditional love.


so, there’s a lot we’ll discuss about. there’s a lot we have to learn yet.

veganism. sustainability. permaculture. aquaponics. zero waste.
compassion. kindness. gratitude. detachment.
quietness. intention. purpose.
positive parenting. minimalism. simple living.
holistic healing. well being. self love.
soul searching. wabi sabi. slow movement. …



vegetarians and vegans. free spirits and wanderers. hippies and gipsys.
buddhists and wiccans. indigo children and yogis. lightworkers and shamans.
minimalists and simple people.
reikians and healers. storytellers and visionaires. dreamers and (tree) huggers.

my sweet lovers.

this is your space to shine your light, your wisdom, your gift. welcome!