welcome to this space!

it may be not totally white. not totally clean. nor totally uncluttered.

but it is our space to cherish.

in this tiny space of the infinity of the web, and the universe, you’ll feel safe. and uncomfortable. while you search for a simple life, even if it doesn’t seem simple at all. it’s a messy circle, but messy is fun!

buddhist teachings

are my way to live an intentional life. to go through my layers, to deconstruct them, to be aware of them, even if i don’t totally understand why they’re there. and to reborn at every time.


is also an inspiration. at any point in time and space, everything that exists is adapting and changing. nature is not perfect but it sure knows how to be simple, efficient, and gentle. by connecting to nature, i’m also connecting with myself, with others, with the universe.

i’m guided by the

universal energy of love

which for me is the mother of all existence. in love there’s kindness, understanding, connection. in love there’s patience, and hope and joy. in love there is pain, and trouble but also acceptance and growing. in love is life and death. and coming back to life. even if we go back to the stars, or serve as nourishment for a beautiful flower.

i’m not here to teach you how to be clutter free, or how to minimize your belongings. i’m here to find a kinder way of existence. with you. to invite you to find your true purpose. a simple life is that way for me.

the clutter, the belongings, the stressful activities, those will vanish by their own, as a consequence. (;

by living a simple and intentional life, i want us to find the magic of life. to awaken to its fragile moments of joy. and savor every second we gain, for it is a miracle we have the luck to experience.

give me your hand, and start your journey┬áif you’re ready to find new meanings for your life!

vector of a venetian mask