you arrived to your own testing room.

layer by layer, you will deconstruct yourself. examine each piece, and play with it. until you find its raw meaning, and its purpose on your life.

layer by layer, you will reconstruct yourself. by eliminating what no longer suits you. until you find your core and hone your essence.

layer by layer, you will love who you are. while seedling your values and ambitions, and blossoming into a new you.

layer by layer, you’ll unravel the magic of life. and nurture it with your every action.

you will think, and write and draw. you will meditate and flow. you will be mindful and caring. and you’ll feel part of something bigger than yourself.

you will see your soul as an expression of the universe.

if you’re ready, get your notebook and unveil your magic!


Panel 1



me in a mask_2017

although mystery seduces me, i have a great pleasure on denuding my many masks and layers. so i can play with them. and reveal my essence to my own senses.

i’m having fun with words and their connotations. {that’s what’s great about being a writer.} but i’m also telling you the truth about my purpose on this world. and on this blog.

i want you to discover your root. your source. what makes yourself you. and to love all that you are.

as a writer, a curious child, and a thinker, i spent most of my life trying to deciphering my weirdness, my quirks and my genius. i mean, gifts. my darkness and my gentile traits.

here, i’ll tell you about my discoveries. my own {r}evolutions.

why you should stick around? you may find some magic coming your way.  {like m’s kind project} 

i am #themaskwriter, poet and word-magician. waiting for your writing projects, if you want to hire me.

and you are?… (;

Panel 2


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