it isn’t all about stuff

// following my values as much as i question them. so i’m not trapped in my own mind, in my own box and can find alternatives and new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing and of living.

#12 of 17 mantras of simple living

simple living is often considered as the opposing view of materialism.

at the beginning of my journey, i agreed deeply with that way of looking at life: either you are a consumer or a creator.

but, i’m starting to realize that simple living is much more than that.

it’s about intention.

and intention isn’t only about our consuming habits.

intention is about doing things because you want to. you can be a consumer and a creator. you are a consumer and a creator.

simple living is also about enjoying the moment.

so not only you do the stuff you want, you also enjoy it the most you can. you’re there, in the moment.

in a simple life, you create room to what you enjoy. and you sit down with what you don’t. welcoming any feeling, any experience.

simple living is accepting what is.

sure, there are a lot more to it. like doing the best you can with what you have. not putting anything to waste – having a conscious behavior aligned with nature.

if we accept that we are nature, rather than a part of it, or a changing force on it, leading a simple life is as simple as it can be.

it’s you being deeply you.

what have your journey on a simple life taught you?

«-,- { be magic, } -‘-»

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