the challenge of going vegan

// taking responsibility for my every action. as everything i do will have an effect on others, either i’m aware of that or not.

~ #15 of 17 mantras of simple living

whoa, that’s a big goal, isn’t it?

to be 100% responsible is a lot of pressure, but one i’m willing to take. because i know it will make me a more conscious person about the way i live.

there are many ways i’m doing this, but today i want to talk about

going vegan

i’ve tried in the past, and it always have been in my mind. but i never found a way to make it happen.

what went wrong?

i went full speed, instead of slow.

i didn’t think about the kind of meals i’d eat.

nor even the kind of food that i enjoy.

i didn’t write about my advancements.

or question myself what was going right, and what was going left.

i didn’t pay attention to what my body was telling me.

nor how i felt.



i want to make myself accountable. i want to take baby steps. i want to discover myself in other ways: my relationship with food and body.

so, i’m making a challenge of myself. and every week, from friday to friday, i’ll remove or add something of my diet that will help me reach the goal of being vegan.

you can join me any time, if you want to. it would be a lot more fun to have someone to talk about this, and to share experiences.

are you ready for #aweekwithnomeat?

i’ll be on instagram sharing photos of my meals and cooking processes, and on facebook sharing recipes and the things i find out on this experience. i invite you to do the same using the hashtag above.

i’ve started already. and i dare you to join me. 💛


// photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash



10 Replies to “the challenge of going vegan”

  1. I’m trying to ease myself into it too. Next week I am doing a week of vegetarian and then the week after that I’m trying vegan. I have been researching recipes and they seem fun and tasty so I’m excited but nervous!

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