me in a mask_2017

although mystery seduces me, i have a great pleasure on denuding my many masks and layers. so i can play with them. and reveal my essence to my own senses.

i’m having fun with words and their connotations. {that’s what’s great about being a writer.} but i’m also telling you the truth about my purpose on this world. and on this blog.

i want you to discover your root. your source. what makes yourself you. and to love all that you are.

as a writer, a curious child, and a thinker, i spent most of my life trying to deciphering my weirdness, my quirks and my genius. i mean, gifts. my darkness and my gentile traits.

here, i’ll tell you about my discoveries. my own {r}evolutions.

and i’ll do it mostly by pursuing a simple life, mostly in a buddhist perspective. if you want to know what i mean by that, i designed a manifesto.

why you should stick around? you may find some magic coming your way.  {like m’s kind project} 

i am #themaskwriter, poet and word-magician. i love to tell stories, contact me if you want me to tell yours.

and you are?…