and then there was magic

kid looking at a map

i had an a-ha moment and decided to create a book of poems for my son. and all the other children in the world. {read my p.s. at the end, or know how you can support me here!}

i believe it’s a wonderful way to use my gift, while sharing with my kid what i believe in. it’s my legacy to him. one that he will enjoy and carry in his heart, in his life.

and i hope that it will not only benefit him, but other families. that it will bring smiles, and tears, and bonding. Continue reading “and then there was magic”

songs by the park


when dent-de-lion enters the park, he starts running and laughing.
when dent-de-lion sees a child, he starts running and hugs her.
he looks at the sky, in awe, and can’t seem to look away.
and then he spins, and spins, and spins, until he falls on the ground
my baby likes to run, and when he falls. he just gets up and smiles and runs again. Continue reading “songs by the park”

be like water

man swimming under surface

flow, flow the water

flow through my dusty being

flow, flow, light for soul

ocean under the surface

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this poem, you’ll love my six word poetry.


p. s. did you know that all my images have a hidden message? look for it to be inspired. (;

broken light

shatered in seven

caught by milllions

can you guess what it is? (;


no, it’s not this! ^.^

p. s. i’d love to create my own gif’s, if you can teach me or know someone who can, please send me a message. {i’ll find a way to pay it back!}

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»




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