a shooting star is a wish already granted

a shooting star in a blue, violet, pink and orange sky

sometimes life surprises you in simple ways.

i’m always in awe how nature, the universe, offers its magic in such an effortlessly, kind, discrete motion. and yet, you can’t but notice it.

it just flows, it doesn’t oblige you to be there, it doesn’t make you look or feel, it doesn’t ask anything of you. it just happens, without expectations, without care, as if everyone and no one is watching.

as if that moment is all there is and all she can be. as it doesn’t need anything else.

with no strategies to make you look her way, other than be herself in all her splendor.

and it shouts if she needs to shout. and she screams if she needs to scream. and she whispers if she needs to whisper. and she laugh if she just need to laugh.

and sometimes we miss her beauty, and her shouts and her whispers. and sometimes we are completely immersed in her.

and you are never ever disappointed. and you carry her in your heart for days.

you feel light. and joyful. and complete.

this is how i felt by yesterday’s rain of shooting stars. don’t miss it throughout the month. 💛

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// photo by Diego PH

the challenge of going vegan

heart bowl with fruit

// taking responsibility for my every action. as everything i do will have an effect on others, either i’m aware of that or not.

~ #15 of 17 mantras of simple living

whoa, that’s a big goal, isn’t it?

to be 100% responsible is a lot of pressure, but one i’m willing to take. because i know it will make me a more conscious person about the way i live.

there are many ways i’m doing this, but today i want to talk about

going vegan

i’ve tried in the past, and it always have been in my mind. but i never found a way to make it happen.

what went wrong?

i went full speed, instead of slow.

i didn’t think about the kind of meals i’d eat.

nor even the kind of food that i enjoy.

i didn’t write about my advancements.

or question myself what was going right, and what was going left.

i didn’t pay attention to what my body was telling me.

nor how i felt.



i want to make myself accountable. i want to take baby steps. i want to discover myself in other ways: my relationship with food and body.

so, i’m making a challenge of myself. and every week, from friday to friday, i’ll remove or add something of my diet that will help me reach the goal of being vegan.

you can join me any time, if you want to. it would be a lot more fun to have someone to talk about this, and to share experiences.

are you ready for #aweekwithnomeat?

i’ll be on instagram sharing photos of my meals and cooking processes, and on facebook sharing recipes and the things i find out on this experience. i invite you to do the same using the hashtag above.

i’ve started already. and i dare you to join me. 💛


// photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


to think about what we’re not thinking about

man kissing a pregnant belly

going through my old writings, i found something i wrote when i was dreaming of having a child. it’s beautiful, vulnerable and worth the share. i hope you’ll enjoy to read it as much as i enjoyed to remember it!

girl pregnant

thinking about what we’re not thinking about. the howl of the wind, the beat of your heart. the silence. a cat that purrs, a life inhabited. an empty smell. loose words and without sense. Continue reading “to think about what we’re not thinking about”

dance, dance, dance and be wild!

baby cheetah

moving diaries // zumba nr. 3

if you missed the other diary entries, check them here.

i would never dream that zumba would have such a big impact in my life. along with the freedom tribe course, i’m changing deep inside.

dissolving patterns. creating new ones.

i’m a new person. more confident.

what i am learning is that we need to find something, anything that let us be free and wild for a while. that let us be with our discomforts, that let us transform dark energies into light. Continue reading “dance, dance, dance and be wild!”

why depression is good for you

hand coming out of the ocean asking for help

Maybe we could appreciate the role of depression in the economy of the soul more if we could only take away the negative connotations of the word. What if “depression” were simply a state of being, neither good nor bad, something the soul does in its own good time and for its own good reasons? What if it were simply one of the planets that circle the sun? One advantage of using the traditional image of Saturn, in place of the clinical term depression, is that then we might see melancholy more as a valid way of being rather than as a problem that needs to be eradicated.

~ thomas moore, care of the soul

i used to be like some of you.

a believer that depression was a bad sign. that something was wrong with me.

i shouldn’t feel this way:

sad, angered, easily irritated. with such dark thoughts and blue-ish red emotions. Continue reading “why depression is good for you”

let go of letting go

man dancing on the street

moving diaries // zumba nr. 3

if you missed the previous diary entries, check them here.

for today’s lesson, i created a mandala. {you might want to check it out on my insta}

if you don’t know what a mandala is, i like to define it as a meditation drawing, symmetrical. and that always convey meaning or a feeling.

when i’m drawing mandalas i don’t think about what i’ll put on paper. i just have the theme on my mind and let my hands move freely.

i’m always surprised by the result, which is always way more beautiful than the one i could create by intention. Continue reading “let go of letting go”