when love pops on your life

two girls on a beach

i’m creating {poplove} to share with you the people, the projects, and the creations i love. some days you’ll have a pick at my feed {decluttering as we read}, others just a single awesome “something” i discovered and couldn’t wait to share!

like now. Continue reading “when love pops on your life”


what if you received a gift in your e-mail?

someone offering raspberries

do you know i am now sending bitsy letters? but what are they?

they are tiny newsletters about my journey towards a simple living. my experiments, my deep thoughts, my vulnerable moments. my downfalls…

they won’t occupy much of your inbox space, or your precious time. and they will appear at random days, as a surprise gift. Continue reading “what if you received a gift in your e-mail?”

are you too collecting smiles?

i was reading this article about bicycle diaries and collecting smiles. just the title is inspiring, don’t you think?

after i saw the quote you’ll read next, i had the urge to comment. but there were so many thoughts circling around that i felt the need to create a post in response. please read the article yourself because it’s full of beautiful imagery and touching lessons. and the end, oh the end… (; Continue reading “are you too collecting smiles?”