hot as a summer day

it’s hot. hot as a summer day.

it would be perfect to go to the beach, getting tanned. and to admire the delicacy of the sea. to be lost on its waves. even if only for a minute.

but i am at home, laying on my bed. next to my soulmate.

he’s asleep.

and i am here writing and thinking about the joys of a simple life.

the curtains and the windows are wide open. the blinds semi closed. in the hopes that a slight breeze would cradle us.

but the curtains are stagnant. no dancing occurring here.

it is peaceful, hearing the birds chirp. listening to his breath. looking to the rising and falling of his body.

so perfect. still.

so magical that i’ll return to that picture. see you on the comments. (;

what is your perfect moment right now?

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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