why routines are killing you and what to do about it

before going to routines. let me tell you about what i discover today about death, life and sex.

have you heard about the death drive?

it is a psychoanalytic term to explain the desire of death. not per se, but a version of it that goes against the drive of pleasure, of creation and life.

it seems like death and sex are two sides of the same coin.

i will be digressing here, but although i always knew that sex was a mean of reproduction, and that reproduction meant creating something new. i always found hard to relate it to creativity.

weird that i haven’t made that connection before, isn’t it?

when i was studying reiki, and about the second chackra {that is related to passion, pleasure, sexuality and, yes, creativity} i always wondered why creativity was there. it seemed very out of place. as i related my creativity to my mind, my neurons and the appearance of new synapses.

i’m now re-descovering my sexual energy, my power as a female. {if you’d like to know how, i’d love to tell you on my bitsy letter. it doesn’t feel right to share them here. (;}

sex can be very vulnerable, very open.

we are a whole.

and it also can be very affirmative. and powerful.


sex is an art of surrendering to the other and a statement of your own self.

the death drive, being its counter-part, is a way of evasion. of conformism. of being diluted so we can fit in.

it’s a surrender nonetheless. the surrender of our uniqueness. it’s a statement nonetheless. of a fear. the fear of being different. the fear of not being accepted. the fear of not being loved.

it all comes down to love, isn’t it?

so we surround ourselves with routines.

as a creative person, immersing myself in routines is very boring. and i can’t really put my heart into it.

i don’t have routines. although they say that’s important to write and build a successful blog, and to create an habit.

i trust my intuition better.

for example, i like to do yoga early-ish in the morning. 7 a.m. more or less. but there are days, like today, which i don’t feel inspired to do more than a few movements.

and that’s ok. we don’t need to force ourselves to do anything. force is violence, which is death.

{well, actually violence comes from the latin word vis, that means vital force. but one that leads to destruction.}


we want flow.

i want flow.

but the thing about flow is that it’s full of surprises, of mysteries, of the unknown, of stepping on the dark.

we usually like to see where we’re heading, won’t a hole appear at our feet and we start seeing tiny doors and little bottles having who knows what and telling you to drink them.

yeah, wonderland.

without those pits and falls. we won’t have wonderlands.

with repetition we don’t get surprised. we can’t grasp the magic around us.

we don’t stop to see our idiosyncrasies, the witty moments of nature, the irony of life.

owl with funny face

the only thing on your to-do list should be:

remember to stop.


so today, add that to your calendar. as many times possible.


stop as you wake up and enjoy the sun beam on your face.

stop as you have your meal, and smell its nourishment.

stop and listen to that person talking to you, and look her in the eyes.

stop looking at your instagram feed. and observe what’s right in front of you.

stop and use your senses.

stop and open yourself to the surprises this universe has to offer you.

deal? good! (:

after you do that one thing of your to-do list, add another and pay it forward. if you want an idea, you can always share what secret garden you found. 💜

«-,- { keep the magic rolling, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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p. s. your soul knows everything already, let her be your guide.


dream with all your strengths

dream and believe
because dreams are real

because dreams
dreams, my dear,
make the world spin

only the mad ones
only the mad ones will tell you otherwise

because dreaming…
is living.
is being.
is creating.
is freeing yourself.

and dance between the lines of reality
and sing between the cracks of the world

involve yourself with darkness
dig wells of happiness
emerge through the fountains of imagination
dream and bring the light
from the most profound place of your being
to the most sublime throne of your heart.


«-,- { keep dreaming, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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and then there was magic

kid looking at a map

i had an a-ha moment and decided to create a book of poems for my son. and all the other children in the world. {read my p.s. at the end, or know how you can support me here!}

i believe it’s a wonderful way to use my gift, while sharing with my kid what i believe in. it’s my legacy to him. one that he will enjoy and carry in his heart, in his life.

and i hope that it will not only benefit him, but other families. that it will bring smiles, and tears, and bonding.

for today we have

and then there was magic

the universe is so magical
90% of the times you’ll try,
you’ll also fail.
10% of the other times, you’ll learn almost anything.
the universe is so magical
90% of the times it won’t give you what you want,
and 10% of the other times you won’t get what you need.
the universe is so…
that you’ll have fears, frustrations, regrets.
you’ll have so many little holes in your skin, and heart, and soul
that throught them light will enter,
that throught them you’ll connect with people,
and with them you’ll create
new worlds,
new lives.
the universe is so…
that nothing in it is absolute,
or imutable,
or eternal.
and at each
you’ll live a miracle,
and it will enter through you,
and it will get out by you,
and you’ll be able to feel it in all
a            o
d            u
and you’ll be able to feel it
the universe is so perfect
that made you as perfect as him.
the universe is so magical
that it gave you the power to create
now go
and fly!
butterflies being relesead

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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songs by the park


when dent-de-lion enters the park, he starts running and laughing.
when dent-de-lion sees a child, he starts running and hugs her.
he looks at the sky, in awe, and can’t seem to look away.
and then he spins, and spins, and spins, until he falls on the ground
my baby likes to run, and when he falls. he just gets up and smiles and runs again.

he caresses the tress, and the flowers, without hurting them.
sometimes he takes a leaf, but only because he thinks he can put it back.
he picks little beautiful tree’s children from the ground, and he gives it to me.
dent-de-lion‘s big eyes shine when i blow a dandelion. and he kisses me.

my baby likes dogs, so he kisses them too.
and he loves to swing his mama, and sing ding dong.
he loves to swing with his mama, and to hug her, and to be very close to her,
while singing this ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong lullaby.

and all she can do is
to live right in this moment
and to love and to be happy
in this eternal moment of time.

girls jumping

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

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be like water

man swimming under surface

flow, flow the water

flow through my dusty being

flow, flow, light for soul

ocean under the surface

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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broken light

shatered in seven

caught by milllions

can you guess what it is? (;


no, it’s not this! ^.^

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