it isn’t all about stuff

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// following my values as much as i question them. so i’m not trapped in my own mind, in my own box and can find alternatives and new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing and of living.

#12 of 17 mantras of simple living

simple living is often considered as the opposing view of materialism.

at the beginning of my journey, i agreed deeply with that way of looking at life: either you are a consumer or a creator.

but, i’m starting to realize that simple living is much more than that. Continue reading “it isn’t all about stuff”

how to seize your spaces with just ONE single tip

Make a commitment to keep your environment litter free and beautiful. Plant a garden at home or keep plants near you at home or work.  When you see a piece of litter on the street, pick it up and throw it away.  You are here to help Mother Earth just as much as humanity.  Begin to demonstrate the love and respect you feel by actively taking care of her.

~ on ask angels

how many of us treat our environments, our homes, our streets, our spaces with kindness?

every space we occupy is our space

i have a motto: leave everything better than you found it. Continue reading “how to seize your spaces with just ONE single tip”

the unwise side of minimalism

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It is not a financial solve-all, especially for the incredible number of people who are working full-time and still living in debt and poverty because they can’t afford necessities. It is ignorant to assume that all of these people are spending frivolously. It is hard to save when rent and heat and healthcare and food costs go up and your income does not.

~simply fully

minimalism is here for some years now. it became a trend. and, as every trend, it has its lovers and its haters.

i started as a lover. “less is more” i claimed with all my lungs.

but the beauty of hearing the other side is: you ask different questions. Continue reading “the unwise side of minimalism”