support me

isn’t it awesome to give back? to pay forward? and to be kind?

this blog, my writing, me helping you, inspiring you, supporting you in your journey is one of the best things of my life. and i want it to be not just a hobby, or a passion. i also don’t want it to be my job, because that’s not fun. too much stress, too much pressure, and too overwhelming.

i want it to be my way of life.

but i also need some kind of support to create little miracles. emotional, financial, or any other kind that will make me more resourceful, or better as a person.

the best thing i can give you is my writing. because it’s my passion since forever. and because it comes naturally, and beautifully. it’s the gift that the universe gave me, so i can give it back to the universe itself.

there’s nothing i can see myself doing so joyfully. so freely. also…

i believe that

// you’ll should pay only for the value you get {which is different for everyone}

// culture and information should be handled freely {have you read the book free culture?}

// there are many ways, other than money, to give back / support / and be kind

that’s why i decided to approach this marketing / sales thing a little bit differently.


what can you do?

oh so many things!

// share in social media

// have me in your blog / podcast / youtube channel / what-more

// teach me something {know what}

// donate some bucks

what will you get?

all the good stuff:

// a great warm feeling of supporting another human being {hey, it’s true!}

// this blog for free, always

// my bitsy letters, if you’ll have them

// access to my awesome projects {spot them all}

// all my products and services for the value you see in them / or can spend at the time {even if it’s for free*}

// my eternal gratitude / my passion / my energy / my commitment

what won’t you get?

i knew it was too good to be true… or not!

// spam emails

// any kind of sales / promotions / whatever {other than ‘hey, check this thing i did! if you think it’s awesome, find a way to show me.’ (; }

// me nagging you on social media

// clutter!


*wait, what?!

wouldn’t that mean that i can get everything for free, all the time?


but will also mean you won’t be the kind person i know you can be, and probably you will have a lot of bad karma. (;

so, if you don’t want to feel bad about yourself, give something in return, once in a while. even if it’s an e-mail saying ‘thank you’, those are the best! i know deep in my heart the universe will reward you. 💜

thank you for being this awesome! \o/

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