this a sort of a now page, but #themaskwriter-style!

i will put here all the projects i’m working on. that will help me to get focused and for you to see what my mind is on the moment.

so… we have:

simple living

whether creating new habits, or ditching new ones. whether exploring new paradigms or deepen the ones i already have. whether maximizing my own resources or finding hidden ones. either getting new skills, or work on old ones. be it tasting new flavors, trying new recipes, or improving the traditions. be it cutting, pasting, mixing or remixing. these are all my experiments on living a more sustainable, kind, free, creative, deep, intense, joyful and simple life. {you can join me by subscribing the bitsy letters}

what i’m doing to maximize my resources: make my own toothpaste // make my own fruit vinegar // use vinegar as conditioner // make my own shampoo // make my own all-purpose cleaning // substitute plastic bottles with glass ones // buy a bamboo toothbrush // buy a diva cup // create a little garden // have a better use for social media // any ideas?

follow the tag to read how i’m doing #simpleliving

poems for my son

i’m writing a book of poems to my son, with the lessons and core values i want to share with him.

this idea poked me when i was reading him a bed time story, which rhymed and had a lesson on it. since i am a poet, and have so many things to share with my kid, i thought it was time to put the two together!

you can read some of the poems here. leave a comment, so i can know how it made you feel.

bitsy letters

‘bitsy letters’ is my way to be more vulnerable, and raw, and honest about my journey on simple living.

for the blog, i leave all the good stuff: the successes, the goals accomplished, the motivational words. on the letters you’ll see the experiments, the pitfalls, the emotional struggles. the blood, the sweat, the tears. but they’ll be like little gifts handed in tiny little boxes, but totally out-of-the-box. in your e-mail. at random days. it will be a total surprise. and it will make your day.

you can receive your first not-such-a-surprise-gift right here.

the freedom tribe

created by camille of this american girl, this course has everything to help me heal and recreate myself.

this will be a six month journey, full of magic and pain and letting go’s and manifestations. at the end, it will not be the end. just a beginning of a new self. i already feel it.


what would you like to see here?