{bitsy letters}

bitsy letters came from the need of sharing with you my journey on a simple life.

i could write weekly posts focused only on that. but i want to go deep, and intimate. i want to share with you the vulnerable moments and thoughts, in private. just you, me, and a letter.

the blog exists for the bright stuff, for the motivational and uplifting words, for the lessons.

but the journey… the pitfalls, the jumps of joy, the laughs and tears. that i will save for the ones that believe in me and my path. that are following the same adventure, that are facing their own scary parts of themselves.

but, what will i really share?

i’ll write to you very small newsletters with

// recipes that i tried and worked and which i’m in love with {like my two-ingredient conditioner}. or things i’m trying but don’t know yet where it will lead me {as my self-made vinegar}. or stuff i tried and failed miserably {well, it’s not a failure if you learn something! right?}.

// troubles life is throwing at me, and how i am catching them or throwing back to her {hey! i’m not perfect!}

// lessons i’m grasping from everywhere, including my own dreams {i do dream a lot}

// other magical things i may encounter and don’t really remember now but that will surely make you «wow!» {«holy shit WOW!»}

the bitsy letters will appear on surprising days on your inbox {i hope you like surprises…}, and probably in surprising ways as well. because, you know, i’m weird, and creative, and i like to show off. (;

so, are you in? like, oh-my-gosh-i-can’t-wait in?

me too! welcome on board. 😀