a shooting star is a wish already granted

sometimes life surprises you in simple ways.

i’m always in awe how nature, the universe, offers its magic in such an effortlessly, kind, discrete motion. and yet, you can’t but notice it.

it just flows, it doesn’t oblige you to be there, it doesn’t make you look or feel, it doesn’t ask anything of you. it just happens, without expectations, without care, as if everyone and no one is watching.

as if that moment is all there is and all she can be. as it doesn’t need anything else.

with no strategies to make you look her way, other than be herself in all her splendor.

and it shouts if she needs to shout. and she screams if she needs to scream. and she whispers if she needs to whisper. and she laugh if she just need to laugh.

and sometimes we miss her beauty, and her shouts and her whispers. and sometimes we are completely immersed in her.

and you are never ever disappointed. and you carry her in your heart for days.

you feel light. and joyful. and complete.

this is how i felt by yesterday’s rain of shooting stars. don’t miss it throughout the month.Β πŸ’›

there’s some more bits of this story on instagram and facebook. πŸ˜‰


p.s. thank you so, so much for the 100 followers! you are all amazing. πŸ˜€

// photo by Diego PH


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