do you belong to the jungle or the circus?

how do you feel about zoos?

do you think they protect the animals, or were created for profit? do you believe it’s good entertainment, or a great representation of our world’s state? better than a circus or pretty much heartless?

this is a hot subject for me. as it brings me emotions of anger.

zoos are a different kind of circus

i’ve been to a zoo once, as a kid. and enjoyed it. i’ve been to a natural park as a teenager, and could tell the difference.

although it’s awesome to see animals with our own eyes, and not only in pictures, it’s also harmful to have them in cages.

can you imagine being taken away from your home and being put on a cage, where everyone can see your every move? where you are supposed to entertain other people by being who you are? where you have to deal with all kinds of noises, and smells, and views you aren’t used to?

where you’re away from your family and can’t even visit them from time to time? where you can’t find your own mate and are obliged to have kids to whoever they put in front of you? where you have a very limited space to wander and explore?

where you can’t have your own rituals? and all you can do is just staying there, waiting for someone to give you food and clean your shit? (while hoping to not get hurt in the meantime?)

where you can’t teach your kids how to survive in this world, and play with them in rivers and mountains and sand beaches?

where you can’t sleep to the sound of the leaves dancing in the wind, and instead have to listen to cars passing by the street?

where you have to endure millions of people calling you? trying to caress you? taking photos, sometimes with their horrible flashes? or even being mean to you?

on natural parks, the animal’s habitats are protected. they can have their lives in a safe place, without being disturbed with our need of being entertained all the time. or trying to take some profit out of suffering.

in a park, diversity is nurtured. taken care of. we need the animals, and the plants, and the waters, and the rocks living together, in harmony. we call it an ecosystem and it works. remove something from it and it becomes unbalanced.

caging animals to “protect” them isn’t the solution. stopping to invade and destroy their habitats is.

our world can be a jungle and it can be a circus. we need to choose the one we’d like to live in.

and i’m a jungle kind of girl, even if i like to giggle. 😉

speaking of which…


gerês river
gerês via we heart it // @_gabyteles_

// me and my family are planning a trip to the beautiful Gerês natural park, and i want to show you all about it. if you’d like to help us fund our trip, you can do it here (and please share this with your friends!). in exchange i’ll create a unique postcard inspired by the waterfalls, and forests, and rivers of this magical place (and even sprinkle it with water for good luck!).

\\ ♥ thank you for reading! ♥ //

:: credit: photo by anton romanov on unsplash ::

«-,- { see the magic, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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p. s. so, circus or jungle?


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