dance, dance, dance and be wild!

moving diaries // zumba nr. 3

if you missed the other diary entries, check them here.

i would never dream that zumba would have such a big impact in my life. along with the freedom tribe course, i’m changing deep inside.

dissolving patterns. creating new ones.

i’m a new person. more confident.

what i am learning is that we need to find something, anything that let us be free and wild for a while. that let us be with our discomforts, that let us transform dark energies into light.

i’m still a very uncoordinated, shy and clumsy zumba dancer. but yesterday i learned that’s ok.

screw perfection.

like my shirt says.

animation of a shirt saying screw perfection
screw purrrfection. let’s purrr, instead!

less perfection, and more fun. less perfection, and more yelling, less perfection, and more body moving. less perfection and more loosing up.

it’s been really hard to loosen up.

i feel the tension on my muscles. i want my arms and my torso and my legs to move in certain ways but they just don’t.

i even looked up for some exercises regarding it, and practiced at home. they are easy when done by themselves. but not so much when integrated in a choreography.

it’s like learning a pair of steps in rumba and wanting to dance zumba like a professional.

the answer, as always, is practice.

practice, practice, practice.

i see that each day i enjoy the class more, get tired less, pick on the steps a little tiny bit more quickly. but still sweat a lot. 😀

my next goal is to smile more, to yell more. to embody the feline it is inside me, and explore my sensual moves, my strength, my wildness. even if i still look like a crazy, clumsy and stiff person.

what counts is on the inside.

what counts is the experience. and having a good time.

and i’m having a heaven out of one. or a hell one, if that means hot.

now let me go to rumba, and salsa, and reggae town and stuff. i still like to feel like i know what i’m doing.

what are you doing to release the wild cat in you?

«-,- { keep moving, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you'll love my y.


p. s. ven te cuento, un, dos, tres / mis pasitos son descansos sin estrés 🎧💃🎶


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