sometimes all you have to do is ask

{this one is for m. and for v., thank you girls!}

sometimes when you ask…

you get an answer.

probably not the answer you were seeking, or the one you expected to hear.

but a answer nonetheless. and exactly the one you are supposed to listen.

today, i had an answer to some of my questions and i was

sorry i was trying to find the word that best describes this sense of awe and amazement and excitement and surrender and joy and peace.

and this was all thanks to camille, and her freedom tribe course.

i know, my dear, that i’m always saying how precious you are and how thankful i am. but here i am saying it once again!

on the course, and on my life, journaling is a big thing.

and it is through journaling that i find the most sparkling gems for the most treasured… treasures.

so, on my adventure to find my inner-child that was no different.

as i journaled and fantasied and dreamed some of my goals became very clear.

alongside, i am teaming with my friends to be more focused on our goals and actually do something about them.

clarity, in double.

what happens when you see your objectives very clearly is that you start noticing what you already have, and what you don’t.

also, the universe is as sarcastic as it can be, and always put some jokes on your plate. what you think you didn’t have, starts appearing out of thin air.

that seems scary, but it really isn’t.


today, the universe taught me that i didn’t have to find my tribe anymore. as i already am part of it.

that i don’t have to find new friends each time i change, because i am very good at feeling people and choosing the ones to be on my side.

people have many layers. as i’m discovering new layers on myself, i’m finding new layers on them. and realizing we’re alike, that we’re on the same path. then, and still.

that’s kind of amazing.

how lucky i am to be with people with the same struggles, and follow the same direction as me to deal with them?


here’s to the

little bit silly. little bit lazy. little bit wild. and little bit weird

people of my heart.

thank you for laughing with me, and for crying with me. and to be bored with me.

«-,- { be magic, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you'll love my y.


p. s. if you are also a little bit silly and a little bit weird, send me an e-mail. it will be fun! (:


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