read this if you want to know how to find love

do you ever have revealing dreams?

i do. tonight i had one.

i was having a conversation with someone about love. and they said to me.

love isn’t inside you. love isn’t around you.

a boy with a little lamb, in the winter. the picture says that love is everywhere.

love is everywhere.

that stroke a chord inside me.

i’ve been dealing with love lately. my self-worth. my relationship with myself and others.

and sometimes it feels that i lost it. that it went too far away from me, for me to run and get it back. if only i had an airplane, i thought.

but it is true. love is everywhere.

and if it is everywhere, i don’t need to go and try to find it. i just need to be attentive. i just need to open my heart to it.

i had received this lesson once, and it was as striking as today. but i guess we need to be taught the same lesson over and over again, until it is part of ourselves. part of our dna.

what lesson have you been learning, time and time again?

«-,- { keep dreaming, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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p. s. there’s no p. s. today (;


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