the no-guide of how to be noticed

Quien es transparente no necesita llamar la atención para ser notado.


Who is transparent doesn’t need to claim for attention to be noticed.

~ benjamín griss via elchicodelayer

i’ll be honest here. transparent. 🙂

i like to be noticed.

i think everyone does.

we put the best side of our personality in everything we do, so people get to know us. so people notice us. so people fall in love with us.

it’s a beautiful thing to feel unique, and special. because we are.

but that quote is right.

no matter what kind of hair color you wear. how cool and edgy you show up.

if you’re not being transparent. if you’re not putting the beautiful and the ugly. the strong and the weak. the certainties and the doubts. the light and the dark.

if you’re not transparent, if you’re not being unapologetically you. you loose your beauty. you loose your power.

you’ll be loosing a part of yourself.

you’ll look incomplete.

not relatable.

a walking lie.

that’s not inspiring. that will not turn heads.

the great thing about a transparent water, is that we can see ourselves through it. maybe even fall in love with our reflection.

your transparency lets others to accept themselves as they are, too.

dragonfly in a hand
{via weheartit}

so, how to be transparent?

just be.

be present in the moment.

surrender to the now.

don’t regret. don’t blame yourself. don’t blame others. don’t feel guilty.

but if you do all that: don’t regret it. don’t blame yourself. don’t feel guilty.

it’s natural. it’s you being you. it’s you learning with you.


every second is a new opportunity. use it well.

breathe deeply and feel the magic of this moment.

be you. do you. feel you.

«-,- { be magic, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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p. s. you’re awesome!


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