8 ways zumba is making me feel alive

moving diaries // zumba nr. 2

if you missed the other diary entries, check them here.

i’m still amazed how dancing releases my wild nature, my true self.

my husband says i don’t look like myself, because i’m more extroverted. more bossy: i do ask for what i want, with no apologies. with no excuses. with no holding backs.

and i replied: that doesn’t mean i’m not being myself. it just shows that people aren’t used to that side of my personality. that they don’t know my real self, because i was never able to reveal it.

and that’s kind of sexy.

i feel so free, so energized. so optimistic about the future.

zumba makes me feel like i can accomplish anything. that life is wonderful and magical.

that everything will work out.

zumba shows me this moment is perfect. even if i am not.

for that, i want to thank pedro carneiro – my instructor.

he is funny, sexy, a great dancer. i couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

the thing is he motivates you without saying a thing. he smiles and nods, and slows down just a little bit so we can get into the flow whenever we feel lost.

through him, i’m learning

zumba is a lot like life.

it can be unpredictable, because as soon you think you got the hang out of stuff. it goes and changes.

it can be vulnerable, as you need to work with your body, your mind, your feelings while showing yourself to other people.

it can be frustrating. you will make a lot of mistakes along the way, and even feel lost. and everyone will seem better at it than you are. but it also teaches you that each new step is an opportunity to change courses, to learn, to be better. and ultimately, to excel.

it can be revealing. you’re immersed in yourself and you have to deal with whatever comes to surface, without loosing focus. you’ll get to know how strong you are, and where do you need support.

it can be fun. you are there: enjoying the music, the movement, the rhythm, the body. and you are allowed to play and be silly.

it can be sensual. there are many ways to move your body, your hands, your belly, your booty. bodies are sexy, personalities are sexy. and don’t get fooled, your character will show up.

it can be tiring and energizing, at the same time. and you’ll think about giving up. and you’ll have the motivation to keep going, nonetheless. but it’s always good to have water running in your system, and a towel to tell you how sweaty, but awesome, you are.

it will be magical,

because you are magic. your body is magic, your spirit is magic. and your mind do wonders.


«-,- { be magic, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you’ll love my y.


p. s. what is your favorite dance move? mine? this one.

p. p. s. dancing is another kind of flying, is it not?


7 Replies to “8 ways zumba is making me feel alive”

  1. Great idea linking the Howcast video. There are certain Zumba moves that I cannot do well, including the hip roll.

    I started zumba a few months ago because I wanted to do a different type of cardio besides running and I absolutely love it.

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