10 real promises i made to my husband

when people get married they usually share vows of eternal love, respect, and loyalty. until death do us part.

although i know i met my soulmate, i find those promises unrealistic. people aren’t perfect, we make mistakes. we aren’t always able to love, to forgive, to respect, or to be loyal. and we can grow in separate ways. death isn’t always the finish line.

i am aware of how harsh i can be. or how unconfident and touchy.

i am aware of how tired he can become. and overwhelmed. and lost.

so i made my own kind of vows, only promising what i can keep:

// i promise that i will fail, sometimes, in all my promises. because i love you in the human and imperfect way i am

// i promise that i will have a bad temper and bad days, and that i will do my best to not be as constant and exuberant as my good temper and good days

// i promise to disrespect you, to judge you unfairly, to be upset without reason, and to learn at each mistake and to compensate you with three times more respect, justice and contentment

// i promise to be distrustful, and jealously enough. so you can know how much i want you

// i promise to lead you to the extreme, so much in the good as in the bad. so you can be imperfect with me, and we could be gods together

// i promise to make you unhappy, so you can appreciate the many good moments we have

// i promise to question you, to throw you problems, surround you with doubts and like this we think about solutions, alternatives and different ways of thinking

// i promise to forget, here and there, about the promises i made. trusting you to remind me of them

// i promise that these promises are incomplete and will be subjected to changes in the future. very likely there will be added more promises and the old ones will be improved. because i am imperfect and also very forgetful!

// i promise to give you the worst and the best in me, and to embrace the worst and best in you. so we can involve ourselves in the most profound of who we are

i invite you to do the same towards your partner, or even yourself! and share in the comments:

what are your promises?

«-,- { be magic, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you’ll love my y.


p. s. i never married, but i choose every day to connect my soul to his.


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