have you stopped today to just feel?


i woke up and prepared my semi-hot water with lemon juice, then went outside. i rolled out my mat, looked at the white sky, felt the pale light onto my skin and began my sun salutions.

taking deep breaths.

feeling peaceful.

feeling whole.

as i breathed in. and breathed out. as i stretched and contracted. as i was becoming more and more aware…

vintage cloudy sky

i realized

we take our senses for granted.

i was having such joy just for listening to the beautiful silence of birds chirping. of kids giggling on their way to school. of cars passing by.

i was so content by feeling my feet on the ground, and my arms reaching up the heavens. of my heart beating and telling me i was alive. of my lungs full and empty telling me i can be both.

i was feeling such magic by being there, at that moment. completely alone, yet completely connected.

hand touching feet

and i wondered how many times i stopped to enjoy my senses. because it’s through our senses that we experience, transform and are changed {by} the world.

the senses are what connects our spirits to the entities of our reality. to our material side.

what is the texture of your soul? your body.

what is the texture of your body? did you stop to feel it? to caress it? to love it?

mine is soft and warm. my little blonde hairs feel cozy. it makes me want to kiss my own skin.

what is your smell? what the back of your neck smells like? what smell has your breakfast?

i can’t possibly know how my neck smells like. but my breakfast smells like sweetness and earth and purity. lemon has a sweet smell for me, even a sweet taste!


what are the tastes of your world? the sights? the temperatures? the weights? the itches, the pains?

today, take a bit of your time to experiment with your impressions of the world. how does it feel like on your body.

don’t take for granted the scene of a flower dancing to the wind. of your loved one laughing. of a soil gently nurtured by rain. of your cozy blanket. of the chills a breeze makes on your skin.

those are magical moments to treasure. savor them.

yolo. seize the day. carpe diem.

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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