when one action changes your whole life

today i wake up, drank my semi-hot lemon water and went outside to do yoga. i was there for 20 minutes or so.

it felt really good to be outside of the house, almost in total silence {it was 7 a.m.}. i felt my breath, my muscles, my body moving. the sun and the breeze caressing my skin. but i didn’t pay attention to my heart. if it was beating slowly. or fast. next time i need to do that.

i don’t remember having any strong thoughts, just things coming and going very lightly. they didn’t worry me, or left an emotion.

on our day-to-day activities, that’s rare. often our thoughts want to make an impression, and often we don’t give them attention enough to know where our feelings come from and why we’re feeling and reacting in a certain way.

i realized that i knew the exact time to finish my practice, and the exact exercises and movements to make. it was flowing. my intuition guided me. it was easy and simple.

when i came inside i sensed a shift on the energy. outside it was very light, inside somewhat more heavy.

my mouth was dry, so i was dehydrated. it was time to drink some more of the lemon water. i was also hungry so i needed to eat breakfast. i was going for the regular toast, but the great thing about connecting to your body and intuition is that you know right away what the best decision is for you. and it wasn’t toast.

my body craved for something healthy, nurturing. and that meant home-made apple jam with a bit of cinnamon. so yummy!

then i went to my computer, where i am now, to record my dreams of last night. and noticed my body becoming tense and earning for a fast pace. but i want a slow life, doing things with intention. which a fast pace wouldn’t let me.

as my heart was racing, i closed my eyes and took some deep breaths. it calmed me down.

just one decision: doing yoga, changed completely my morning, the way i feel and the way i act.

last night decision of loving my body was what put this all to motion. you see, i don’t like my belly very much because i am over my regular and desirable weight. i try to avoid looking at her, touching her.

but last night i chose to end that habit. i caressed my belly, telling her i love her, thanking her for giving me good moments. i felt her soft skin and also thanked for that. then i asked the universe to give me a plain belly by the time of august, so i can be confident going to the beach with my bikini. and enjoy my time there with my family, without being too self-aware of my imperfect body.

the universe answered.

being connected to myself is a wonderful feeling. it makes me abundant and i feel i am living the dream i wish to myself. it makes me feel loved, and with so much to give. it gives me hope and joy and purpose.

life is magical. we are magical. and i’m so grateful for being here, right now.

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vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you’ll love my y.


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2 Replies to “when one action changes your whole life”

    1. thank you, emvardz for your comment. maybe you could do it near a window so you can still feel the light. today it was cold here as well, so i wore cozy and warm clothes. (: and it really is a beautiful way to start the day!


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