there are more to simple life than 3 r’s

when we live simply we are deeply connected with nature. that means we take care of it the best we can, and we learn everyday to make the best even better.

we are used to three r’s, in order to go green. but there’s a lot more to do than reducing, reusing and recycling. we can

refuse // reduce // repair // reuse // re-purpose // restore // re-design // recycle

we are used to recycling. we are getting used to reducing. but we often forget to repair before reusing. to reuse before reducing. to re-purpose before we recycle. and we probably never think of re-designing.

we need to restore any time possible. to recycle when we have no other option. to re-design as often as we feel creative. and to never put anything to waste.

a bit harsh, i know. but do you ever see nature put anything to waste?

you see, recycling should be one of the last things on our mind. because it produces toxins, it burns resources, and not all materials can suffer that process. so, use organic / decomposable items as much as you can!

the media, as always, didn’t inform us on all the alternatives. as, guess what, those alternatives don’t comply with the media money-making / power system.

but hey! that’s why i’m here. the internet and the blogging platform are the most powerful tools we have to exercise democracy. or something resembling it. {for me, we don’t live yet on a democracy. but that’s a subject for another time.}

so, let’s work-out!

{be careful with your waste}

to reduce (r) = to be mindful (m) about what you buy (b) + use (u) + put to waste (w). here’s your formula to success:

r = m (b + u + w)

reducing doesn’t mean to get rid of everything you don’t want, or that doesn’t bring you joy.

it is about time to stop going with the flow of minimalist crap people are selling you. they are only inviting us to produce more waste. not to save / maximize resources.

and don’t get fooled. minimizing our belongings to have more space will only bring us joy, if we know we are doing it in a fashion that reduces waste. {if we don’t, we’ll always feel like something is lacking.}

i was almost saying that it helps the environment. but it isn’t help, it is being in communion with it.

we, humans, are drifting apart from nature. we think we are superior to all of this, but we are part of nature! time to reconnect. no wi-fi needed.

i happen to know a very good podcast about the raw sensuality of nature. it will help you get more in touch with it.


if you’re like me, you’re a bit confused about what refusing means.

well, it suggests that we say no to every goody, and offer, and gift we won’t use. even if it’s digital. even if it is from your best friend or soulmate. thank them, and politely decline.

believe me, the best way to vote is in how you consume products and services. invest your time and money on what you want to see more of, reject everything you don’t approve.

companies only sell if we buy. companies only offer what we desire. {here, i meant ‘offer’ as free but in marketing ‘offer’ means selling. good way of fooling us, no?}

tl;dr: don’t accept things you won’t use.


how often do we ditch stuff because they’re broken? or are too expensive to repair? or too time consuming? or too difficult?

if we stop to consider the consequences, we’ll realize it is expensive not to repair that shoe, or that coffee machine, or that toy.

we have youtube, and pinterest, and wikis to show us every step of the process. so many creative people to be inspired from!

i’ve heard of a mom that turned sneakers into sandals. clever! and savvy.

{reuse vs. re-purpose}

often, i misinterpret these two words, employing them interchangeably. but

reusing = to use something several times in the same way {like having a clothe bag to go shopping}

re-purposing = to take something and use for something else {like using a card box to store books}

by reusing we’re reducing the items we buy, consume and use on a daily basis. by re-purposing we transform something old into something new. pure alchemy!


nature is re-designing all the time. companies are re-designing all the time. and we ought to re-design our stuff, our minds, our spirits and our spaces all the time. that’s the only way to evolve, and to improve.

permaculture is an exemple of redisigning agriculture + social culture. and the venus project is a different model of social + economical design.


to restore is to give back to nature what’s hers. like using organic leftovers to make compost, that will serve as fertilizer. or to save the water you used for washing veggies to water the plants on your home. there are plenty of water restoring tips here.

always remember that we are nature. anything you do to her, is an act directing to you.

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you’ll love my y on the unwise side of minimalism. z is fun too!


p. s. i like to start small, so here’s to baby steps on reusing / re-purposing / restoring / and recycling water!


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