when love pops on your life

i’m creating {poplove} to share with you the people, the projects, and the creations i love. some days you’ll have a pick at my feed {decluttering as we read}, others just a single awesome “something” i discovered and couldn’t wait to share!

like now.

i’ve found this blog the other day, while searching for related simple living / buddhist / mindfulness blogs. and let me say i am in a – w – e!

the urban meditator

I truly believe we all have it in us. I don’t think one person is “stronger” than the other. We just need to dig a bit deeper to discover what it is we truly want and make tiny shifts as we go.

~ tum

tum talks a lot about spirituality and mindfulness, while showing her experiences and insights. but all in such a kind and compassionate way! i’m addicted.

my favorite article so far is women in spirituality. but her latest is great too!

i really think she deserves lots and lots of love. so go give her. read her stuff, like, comment and share.

{note: also if you are or know any simple living / buddhist / mindfulness blogs, let me know. i want to create a community of simple living blogs. leave your links in the comments with your favorite // or your own // blogs, posts, youtubers, etc. 💜}

thank you!

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this x, you’ll love my y.


p. s. really?! you’re still reading? go read the urban meditator instead. (;


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