the journaling impressions on the self

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i love journaling. and i love to write. but i don’t do it as much as i’d like.

when i do, i find freedom. and i think that is one of my biggest goals of all. that idea of travelling the world in an rv, with no maps or clocks. that’s seeking for freedom.

the other big goal is to learn how to love unconditionally. and that has a lot to do with freedom as well. learning to let go, to set free, to let others be as they are and to not enjoy them less because of it.

and i only realized this today, in a meditation. later strengthen by journaling.

that’s odd because it’s a regular theme on my life.

i ran away from my parent’s home. i was very obsessed and jealous of my boyfriend {now husband}. i always tried to free my deep, real self onto the world {and it seemed an impossible task}.

oh, and i consider myself a free spirit. although most of my friends , and even my husband, wouldn’t call me that way. you see, that problem of revealing my deep self.

and it’s not that i fear to make it into life. i feel that something is blocking it. when i want to summon it, it just stays there. in the dark. for only me to be aware of.

{note to self: write more about this blockage, maybe it will uncover some hidden doors}

i made a pact with myself: to write everyday. no matter for how long. no matter what’s being written. it only needs to be intentional.

it’s by writing that i think. it’s by writing that i know myself. it’s by writing that i have access to the wisdom seeded in myself.

it’s by writing that i listen to my intuition. and…

in intuition nests fulfilled dreams.

i know i will get where i want. this may seem arrogant of me. but i felt it in such an intense way, that i can’t ignore it. for two times i deeply cried of happiness, knowing that all my dreams will come true.

and they are. i had a kid before i turned 30, just as i always wished. and we will travel as a family, as i always wanted. we will be wanderers.

i don’t know when or how they will happen. i don’t have to.

it’s the universe working things out

as matt kahn’s say.

i just need to cling to that rooted, joyful feeling and remember i am being cared, i am being nurtured. and this is only how things look like when things are being worked out.

sometimes i loose myself on the cores, routines and the overwhelming of everyday life. most times i don’t know what to do. as there’s so much to do. so, i sink on tv series and procrastinating routines.

but, by writing this i realized there are only three things i want to do in my life: to write, to love, and to simplify.

three simple actions that can have a big impact on my life, and on the life of others. but let’s not think about the many ways it can do that, or i’ll get overwhelmed once again, and that’s what i’m trying to break free from!

to each moment of “i don’t know what to do, i feel this emptiness inside me, this all seems to much”, i only need to ask myself:

what is the best way i can express what i’m feeling / thinking right now? // what would love do? // how can make this situation simpler / better?

by answering this questions, my to-do lists don’t get as powerful over me. i don’t feel as useless. no more pressure. no more emptiness. i reclaim my power over my life, and my reality.

we can change the story. we can change the storytellers. we can change the universe.

we may be little, but we’re here. and we can make the difference.

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

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