you are the whole world

after reading leo babauta’s newsletter {that you can also read here}, i realized how everyone in this world has contributed for something in my life.

thank you for existing. for providing me a more comfortable, enjoyable and fulfilling experience on this earth. without you, it wouldn’t be the same. 💜

whether it is the food i eat, the bed i’m sleeping in, the computer i’m working on. the emotions i feel, the thoughts i have, the beliefs i hold dear. you are there.

our realities are made of gazillions of little bits. and if you, and your work, and your energy is now also a part of me that means that i am too contributing to your world.

my energy is your energy.

that’s huge. it’s kind of scary. kind of overwhelming. kind of awesome. and totally magical, and beautiful, and inspiring.

and either we realize it or not, everything we put on this world will affect it in a positive or a negative way.

that’s why it is so important to live in the present moment. so we can connect to ourselves, so we can express our emotions and values and ambitions in a way that feels truthful. and right for us.

it is the only way to be kind. to vibrate at our best energy level. to be ourselves intentionally.

i know that most times you don’t realize this: but

being yourself is a big deal.

because it is on being yourself that you transform the world. people react to your actions, to your emotions, to your vibe. it’s a cycle.

being yourself is a big deal because you might be helping someone without realizing it. let me show you with a story.

last weekend me and my family went camping. we like to be close to nature, and away from technology, from time to time.

when we do that, we give ourselves the space to have meaningful conversations. because we have the time to go through the blabbery chat of every day life, and get to the deep stuff.

that’s how i realized that, unconsciously, i helped my husband during a difficult time. and i say unconsciously because i was only being myself: a loving wife that wants to support her soulmate, without judging him or forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to do. by not trying to change him, because she knew people only change when they desire to change.

it’s always better to lead by example.

and he changed in ways i couldn’t dream of. but that’s not the point. the point is:

when i knew that being myself was enough. {let me emphasize that.}

when i knew that being myself was enough, i felt joy, and peace. a big weight got off my shoulders. i felt free!

i guess i discovered a new kind of love. no, i know i discovered a new layer of what unconditional love means. because i felt it in every pore of my skin.

so, remember to enjoy your life, moment to moment. remember to live intentionally. remember to be, and to do the best you can: even if that means to suffer. it’s okay not to be okay.

you can’t vibrate high all the time, but you can always give your best.

remember that your energy affects you and the world. but don’t let that overwhelm you. because

being you is enough.

how will you love today?


«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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