what if you received a gift in your e-mail?

do you know i am now sending bitsy letters? but what are they?

they are tiny newsletters about my journey towards a simple living. my experiments, my deep thoughts, my vulnerable moments. my downfalls…

they won’t occupy much of your inbox space, or your precious time. and they will appear at random days, as a surprise gift.

i will only e-mail you when i have something interesting to share. something i’m excited about and eager to tell you. so, it’s got to be really good! (;

you can find more details here, or move on to subscribe!

gift box floating with three heart-shaped balloons

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



also, tell your friends. they’ll love you for it. {and me too!} (;


p. s. did you know that i’m a pen-paler? i just love to write letters. and i’m really good at it, just try me!


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