the magic of finding my purpose

he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

~ nietzsche

i finally found my way. my mission. my purpose on this world. i finally found how my every interest connects to each other.

i am creative. i am a writer. and a poet. i’m interested in yoga. meditation. mindfulness. kindness. buddhism. i’m a free spirit. i am a rebel. i don’t conform. i long for a simple life. i’m frugal. emotional. unattached to materialism. i think deeply. i want to love unconditionally. i want to help people to be happy. i want to be happy! i want to embrace my fears and teach others to do the same. i want to maximize the use of the resources i have. i want to understand how the universe works. i want to know about its laws and act accordingly. i’m interested in the human mind. i need to understand the alchemy of of the soul. i…

i am here to live a simple life. closed to nature. ever moving, never settling. and to share this journey with you. i’m here to bond deeply with my emotions, and my mind, and my body, and my soul, while i also bond with your emotions, with your mind, with your body, and with your soul. i’m here to learn with myself, and to learn with your self. and then transform our stories into magical words. i’m here to document my experience as a flawed human being that pushes herself every day to be a little bit better, even if sometimes she fails.

Dream yoga also inspires simplicity. What’s the point in spending your life chasing dreamlike apparitions? When you’re no longer caught up in illusory appearances, you cease grasping after them. When grasping ceases, so does samsara. The end of materialism (seeing things as solid, lasting, and independent) means the end of consumerism. Matter just doesn’t matter anymore.

~ lion’s roar on waking up from the dream of a lifetime

and this realization. this awareness. came from many places. but it was this article that have set me free {you really need to read it, it is soooo eye-opening! pun intended}. and i’m sure that this video about multi-passionate people was the seed. and this american girl: thank you so much camille for your sweet words, and for inspiring me with your legacy.

a slower life, a mindful life, a simple life is being a great source of joy. it’s my fountain of youth, really. and i have to thank the universe for putting so many big obstacles on my life, so i could see what i was missing. and for also giving me all these many doors, and windows and houses where i can enter and leave, or enter and live. where i can seat down and learn. i need to thank the universe for being a wife, and a stay-at-home mother, and having a working-hard husband that doesn’t earn a third of what he deserves. because it’s giving us moments of connection, and support, and strength and kindness. and shows me that love wins it all.

that i have all i need, right here and right now. that i am blessed. so, yes, thank you universe for loving me. know that i’m loving you back!

what is the universe giving you now? what lessons life has offered you, in such kind ways? how are you using your gifts and miracles? {i’d love to know!}


as always…

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



because words are magical!


p. s. i’ll start sending bitsy letters to wonderful people. are you one of them? do you want to know more? {yay!}


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