the best way to be problem free

It’s remarkable how often people will think they will be better off without the things that bother them.

~ thomas moore on care of the soul

annihilating what bother us doesn’t makes us grow, and it won’t makes us happy for sure.

if that ‘thing’ exists in our lives, it has a motive, a reason, a purpose.

when we look at nature, we see that even the more ‘horrendous’ creatures have a role. cockroaches make the soil fertile. the flies pollinate (yes!) and decompose organic matter. they also control plagues, alongside with scorpions. wow, right?

we live in an ecosystem. our own bodies can be considered ecosystems in themselves. even diseases, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions have their place in the well-being of the world.

that seems crazy, i know. but have you wondered that they help to control the world population {including plants and animals}, to clean and rejuvenate the earth?

going back to the specific human being’s world: our emotions, our thoughts, our sensations, – either good or bad – in all of them there’s a need of balance. when that doesn’t happen we are too happy, then too sad. and that has a name: bipolar disorder.

thomas moore says that we shouldn’t reject our problems, or what society calls problems. instead, we should accept them and live with them. look at them not as something that destroys our lives, but as an ally. something that will give us value.

better said than done. i know, but i’m not just talk. i do what i preach. clichès apart, let me tell you a story.

the universe sent us {me and my family} a wonderful opportunity, but that would mean a tremendous sacrifice. to have a better future, we had to reformulate our present and put some limitations on it. it was like putting a plant on a vase, so its roots wouldn’t spread too much and become invasive of others environments. so, we took it.

but there are days so hard, that all we think about is quit. we don’t, because we still believe in that future and… because these constraints are giving us some valuable lessons.

because of that, i’m truly learning on living a simple life, and to do my own stuff: i learned how to do essential oil, to make vinegar, and to remove chemicals for the products i use in my body and in my home.

i feel more in-tune with myself. and that makes me happy.

so, the fact that we give a meaning, a judgement to the situation we’re in, is what transforms a problem in a non-problem. no pasa nada, like hispanic culture says so well!

in my opinion, it’s just human condition. we can use it to our favour, and grow. or then, feel restricted by them and shrink ourselves in our little boxes.

you sure know that creativity pops up, not in open spaces, but in limitations. right? (;

and creativity is also nothing more than problem-solving. i don’t like this term anymore, but what i mean is: creativity works with problems in a way that will benefits us.

sometimes, our problems come from our own personality, embed in a very specific context {that will also shape the personality}, and analised, and judged by a specific society, with values and cultures also very, very, specific. but, what if we changed the context?

as the author said, if he was to eliminate all people’s problems, he would «spend his life taking things out».

what are you taking out of your life? what parts of you are you annihilating? how can you do better?

fire in a glass bottle, black and white. it's night and the bottle is on the grass.

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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p. s. did you know that my outlook on money is changing? so revealing!


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