i have the solution to ALL your problems

Care of the soul is a continuous process that concerns itself not so much with “fixing” a central flaw as with attending to the small details of everyday life, as well as to major decisions and changes.

~ thomas moore on care of the soul

taking care of the soul is something more than solving a problem: it is to accept it and live with it, joyfully. instead of trying to repair it.

this may seem odd. no one wants problems. but it is problems that makes us look towards a certain direction and see things we otherwise wouldn’t. well, if we stop worrying and trying to solve it, of course. and instead, to sit with it and hear what it has to say.

a problem is a new perspective.

it is important to try to understand why do we think that a certain situation is a problem. i went to thesaurus to look for synonyms of ‘problem’, so i could understand this word better.

bad situation // obstacle // complication // dilemma // issue // dispute // headache // question // trouble // doubt // worriment // box // mess // doubt

so many good ones!

my favourites are question // box // worriment because they provide the answer to our troubles. haha

it’s here that writing comes in handy, my friend.

and i’m not saying to use your journal to vent about all the bad situations in your life, so you can cry and liberate your demons. and, in the end, feel lighter.

because that light feeling will only be there for a second. it can give you some understanding, but you can do better than that.

i invite you to ask the hard questions:

why do i think this is a problem? // if this wasn’t a problem how would i react? // what benefits it could bring me? // what is it taking away from me? // can i find another source for that? // and do i really need that thing the problem is taking away from me? // what is this problem trying to say me? // is there anything i need to change, or do differently? // is there a new perspective i need to look on? // a reality i am not yet grasping? // is this problem giving me something new? // what is it? // did i create this problem by the way i think and/or feel? // if so, if i change this thought {insert thought/feeling} to this one {insert thought/feeling}, how would this change? // where is my ego in all of this?

from there, we will see our fears, social constraints and false moralities. we will be distant from the ego, so we can find our soul.

the ‘problem’ that appeared to us is an open door straight to our soul.

it’s the opportunity to see who we really are and what we really want.

‘problems’ oblige us to look to a certain direction. but we are used to follow right on it’s opposite direction – or we run, or we try to solve it.

it’s the fear of the unknown, of the dark side, of death, and evil, and hell, of not being loved and accepted, of not finding our place in this life that makes us create this evil idea that problems are bad seeds that need to be cut.

that the less problems we have, the more successful we are.

but think about it. aren’t those problems helpers to make of us better people? more resourceful and grateful? more successful, no matter what that word means to you?

who would we be without problems? WHERE would we be?

this podcast came in great time, and talks about how we praise so much the ascending side of life, and disapprove the descending parts. but we need to remember that the longer the branches of the tree, the stronger and deep will be its roots.

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



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p. s. did you know that i loooove chocolate? i just can’t live without it. (:


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