are you too collecting smiles?

i was reading this article about bicycle diaries and collecting smiles. just the title is inspiring, don’t you think?

after i saw the quote you’ll read next, i had the urge to comment. but there were so many thoughts circling around that i felt the need to create a post in response. please read the article yourself because it’s full of beautiful imagery and touching lessons. and the end, oh the end… (;


The road is bordered by flowers. I don’t know their names and it doesn’t matter so long I think they are beautiful.

i find this thought incredibly charming as well. when i see something beautiful, for which i don’t know the name, i stop to enjoy it and look for more information. i want to know everything about it. but then i loose its magic, because all i need to know is that i am here, at the same space and time of that flower, or bird, or whatever. and if i want to know more, all i need is to stop and observe it, to admire it. isn’t it?

shakespeare has said already that ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. names are just labels we created to communicate with others, to share. and, at that time and space, all i needed to do was to point and say: ‘look how beautiful!’

Regardless of the enormity of what could drag me down, there is always space to grow, to start afresh.

i believe that it is because of what drags us down that we can grow. we need sleep, so we can have energy for the day. we need silence, so we can organize our thoughts. just like the seed is comfortable in the deep, dark, warm earth, but stretches itself to reach the light and expands its reality.

riding a bicycle is something magical. it always brought me joy, a sense of connection and peace. but specially, freedom!

i can’t wait to read more on this series: if you like bikes or to collect smiles, you shouldn’t wait either!

you can read the whole article at worn corners. and give deepika a big thumbs up, will you?

«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

vector of a venetian mask



if you liked this interaction, tell me what other posts you’d like me to comment on!


p. s. did you know that i had a blue shining bicycle and that it was robbed? i have another one, but i still miss it. i just loved that colour… (;


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