why you’re flawed and there’s nothing to fix it

Our job is not to fix anything, but instead to accept and love all the parts of ourselves that we deemed as unacceptable and integrate them so that we can live in our fullest potential.

~ denise simone {via belief net}

you are not broken. you are imperfect, but you aren’t broken. you may be sad, but you aren’t broken. your life may look like a chaos, but you aren’t broken. you may feel lost. misunderstood. unloved. not worthy. useless. but you. are. not. broken.

listen real hard, my friend. because i’ve been there.

you don’t need to be fixed. because you aren’t broken. you don’t need to be fixed because you’re awesome just the way you are.

those scars you have? it’s gold, baby. it’s you refurnished. it’s the better version of you. you are always in beta-testing mode. and you are always the best and ultimate model of yourself. have you heard about kintsukuroi? you will.

so, you don’t need to be better, you need to know yourself better. you need to understand yourself.

where do your fears come from? what makes you sad? what makes you happy? what are your values? why are they your values? what do you believe in? why do you believe that? when do you feel most creative? what are you doing at that moment? how do you feel when you wake up? how do you feel when you go to sleep? how do you feel when you {insert action here}? what makes you feel sexy and confident and like the best person in the world? what tears you down, and makes you feel useless?

use that information to make your life better, more enjoyable, and more fun.

you don’t need to be better, you need to love unconditionally. to love yourself unconditionally, to love others unconditionally, to love your environment and your situation unconditionally.

for that you need to accept who you are, where you’re at, and who you’re with.

see things as they are, not as you wish it to be. and, because you see things as YOU are, accept that reality is limited to your own being. and that if you expand yourself, you’ll expand your reality. and if you open yourself, your life will open itself to you.

if you shut down every little imperfection that you are, you’ll shut down your opportunity to blossom. every tree needs light, and shadow. every bird needs day, and night. every being needs earth, and air. water and fire.

if you shut down every little flaw, every little misery, every little chaos. every weirdness. every uncomfortable trait. every ‘flaw’ and every ‘wrongness’. you wouldn’t clean your inner-abouts. and you would loose a big part of yourself, wouldn’t you?

who would you be without all of that? think about it.

let’s say you’re too dependable on other people. and that i am a genie, you made a wish and i granted you the power to not be dependable on anyone ever again.

that would also mean that you won’t seek for help. that you won’t feel the need to forge deeper connections. that you won’t express, or feel, love. {thank thomas moore for that}

really, you are not broken. you need a fresh perspective.


{put no barriers to acceptance. put no barriers to connection.}


every emotion is an experience. every experience is also a lesson. either good or bad, you have the choice to honor it. to feel it deeply and understand it. to learn from it.

okay, little star? also, this might help. (;

And your body will do its best to heal the paper cut with no further intervention from you, if you let it. (…) Is having a paper cut broken? Of course not. From the moment you get a cut, you’re already healing.

~ vironika tugaleva {via tiny buddha}


«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

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