everything you know about life is probably wrong

to read without reflecting, is like eating without digesting.

~ edmund burke

one of my big mistakes when i read is to do it as fast as i can, so i can read more books and gain more knowledge.

the thing is, if i don’t reflect on what i’m reading, i won’t learn a thing.

so, i started taking my notebook, writing the quotes that speak to me and then what are my thoughts about them. and now, i’m sharing them with you, so you can apply what i’ve learnt to your own life.

that way, instead of reviews of a whole book, you’ll get a detailed introspection on it!

right now, i’m reading care of the soul: a guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life by thomas moore, which i found on a book fair inside a coffee shop. (:

i’m still on the first pages, but i’m already loving it because it challenges many concepts that i took for granted and were obviously truthful to me. also, if you know me, you’d notice how a big fan i am of magic in life and those little precious moments she’s giving us all the time.

today, i’ll only focus on the title as i believe it already give us so much information to talk about!

how many of us cultivates depth or sacredness on our lives? i don’t even say everyday, but once in a while?

for a long time, i wanted people to understand me. it made me sad that no one could see the real me. but then… i adopted a new perspective.

what if i wasn’t clearly communicating who i was? what if i wasn’t making myself understood?

this question resulted in wanting to know myself better. because we can always be clear when we know exactly what we are talking about. better than that: if we understand what we’re talking about. einstein said it already:

any fool can know, the point is to understand.

and also

if you can’t explain it simple, you don’t know it well enough.

and that’s really how my soul search began, along with other catalysts sent my way.

so, yes. i try to get that depth and sacredness on my everyday life. and i do it through writing, and drawing mandalas, and meditation, and mindfulness. and love. and taking hot baths, surrounded by candles and sweet music. and giving my best self to me and others.

what sacredness means for you? do you have any kind of rituals? i’d love to know about them and blend them in my own magical, self-love ceremonies.

on the next episodes of this series we’ll dive in one the many forms we can bring that love to our lives. we’ll discover a lot of new kind ways to treat ourselves deeply.


«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»

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