read this when you want to feel beautiful, powerful and appreciated

from the day we arrive on the planet
and, blinking, step into the sun
there’s more to see than can ever be seen
more to do than can ever be done
there’s far too much to take in here
more to find than can ever be found
~ lebo m. carmen twillie


i’m not sure where i stand on the feminist movement. but i do believe that everyone should have the same rights: children, women, men and elderly. and also that each one of us have different needs to be addressed – we should honor that.

my answer is always love. and this is a lesson i want you to learn: no matter your situation and no matter what problem you encounter, ask yourself “what would love do?”

i’m an advocate of unconditional love. so i know how difficult it is to always be kind.

with this question, that i now have glued to my desktop, it is easier to know what is the best path to follow.

“what would love do?”

would he be kind or full of resentment? would he help or be egoistic? would he give or would he take?

i’ve learned this sort of mantra from alexandra franzen. you can thank her.

there is this campaign by dove that i was touch by: #mybeautymysay. dove has been advocating for women beauty in all forms and formats and tries to raise awareness on women confidence and women choice. i love how it is creating a  debate around the subject, how it is inciting everyone to voice their insecurities and build a tribe around problem-solving. we become more confident, bold and creative because of that.

no matter your gender, you should always be unapologetically you. no: you NEED to be unapologetically you.

the world is craving for your power.

your personality, your talents, your skills, your passions, your values are unique and they bring unique solutions to the round table of the world. without you, there will be a point view that will not be considered.

do you know how ideas develop? you explore, you learn, and you link one concept to the other. you then share your idea with other people, and they link that idea to their own world, and to their own concepts, and then they create another idea. and so on, and so on, and so on. there will come a time when the resulted idea is so good, someone says they had an epiphany or a a-ha moment.

that’s why we call ideas of seeds. when they are watered, given light and a good soil, they bloom and grow into big trees, or flowers or… carnivorous plants! it really depends on the kind of water, and light, and soil you give them.

so, no matter how many imperfections you have. you are beautiful. and creative. and worthy, and powerful.

not only are you beautiful, creative, worthy and powerful, but you are all of that because you are not perfect. those flaws made you stronger, they made you smarter.

there’s this japanese philosophy called wabi-sabi.

nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect.

we need to accept things as they are. not as we’d wish them to be.

the point is: by being imperfect and incomplete and impermanent, we strive to be better.

we try, and make mistakes and we learn. and then we do a little bit better and we go on. the circle of life.

tell me:

how many times did you suffer for something you cannot change? that is part of your dna? for me, you’re perfect just as you are (yes, even with your imperfections). i wouldn’t change a thing about you. i’m serious! i don’t know you, nor do i need to. look at nature, isn’t she majestic?

she isn’t perfect because she’s also evolving, but just stop for a minute and really contemplate her. would you change anything?

you’re part of her, so why would you change a thing about yourself?

how many times did you had the opportunity to say: this is me, deal with it. love it or leave it? how many times did you actually grabbed that chance?

how many times did you overcome that suffering? always. yes, always!

you’re here. you’re alive. and even if you still are in pain, remember that you can change it. {go through it, understand it, let it go}

i know you want to be better.

that’s why you’re here. in this blog, in this world, in this life.

but i indeed know you also want to love yourself for who you are right now. even if you feel very distant of the person you’d like to become. {a hint? that person is already within you!}

that dream-self of yours is beneath all the should-do’s and should-be’s, all the fears and comforts. if you go deep enough, trust me, you’ll be amazed by the person you never let come to existence, because you have to follow certain rules. you don’t have to. 😉

keep reading and i’ll let you discover your AMAZING self beneath your soon-to-be-amazed self. {ah!}

your beauty, your say. your life, your say. you, unapologetically. always.


«-,- { keep writing, } -‘-»



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